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If you’re a reliable transcriptionist who is based – and legally permitted to work – in the United States, then we’d love to hear from you.

And if you are a US military veteran or dependent, we will help you start your transcription career with free learning resources.

We value attitude over aptitude.

The best online transcription job in the US – seven reasons why.

    1. We are 100% US-based. So you won’t be competing for work with lower wage workers in other parts of the world.
    2. We pay top rates because we require top quality.
    3. We’re team players: our transcription team members help each other. Some even become friends!
    4. We are all about quality: if you’re a perfectionist who pains over minor details, then this might be the online transcription job you’re looking for.
    5. Great opportunity for growth: business is booming and we need good people who have proven themselves to be honest, reliable and loyal.
    6. Work on interesting accounts in research; from medical to marketing, academia, health sciences, US veteran related concerns and more.
    7. You will receive extensive resources to learn about security awareness, confidentiality, HIPAA compliance, Protecting Human Subject Research Participants and more.

Every application is scrutinized to 100% certainty. If you are not located and legally permitted to work in the United States, please do not apply. 

To join our team, you must meet our 10 Point Qualification Test.

Our 10 Point Qualification Test serves to protect the integrity of our client’s data, in terms of accuracy and confidentiality, as well as the hard work of our valued team members. 

By contractual obligation with our clients, Research Transcriptions is prohibited from allowing any work to be performed outside of the United States. As such, our vetting process to join our team is thorough. Every applicant is carefully reviewed to assure US residency and legality to work. Honest applicants find this simple and unobtrusive. 

Our 10-point vetting process examines:

    1. Multi-factor verification to assure US residency and legality to work in the US
    2. Typing accuracy
    3. Punctuation
    4. Mastery of MS Word®
    5. Listening skills
    6. Internet research
    7. Punctuality
    8. Ability to follow precise directions
    9. Security and awareness training and testing
    10. HIPAA compliance training and testing

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