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Join thousands who count on Research Transcriptions for confidential transcription.

The confidential transcription service that protects your data (and does not use it to train AI)

Your work is too important take chances with a vendor that can’t protect your data. 

There are transcription companies that promise confidentiality, and then send work up to a global network of freelance workers who operate from crowd-shared workspaces in faraway places.

Some transcription companies use client data to train their artificial intelligence (AI) programs (see vendors offering speech recognition and automated transcription).

What is a confidential transcription service for US data?

With Research Transcriptions, you get 3rd-party verified and documented confidential and secure transcription that protects the use and handling of your data. Learn about SOC 2 certification here.

Avoid the risks of public co-working spaces in global transcription networks.

Avoid the uncertainty of not knowing who is doing your work. And where.

Get a partner you know and trust.

Put your security officer in touch with us. We’ll answer any questions she/he has and provide all the information they need.3rd-party verified a

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Independently audited and certified...

HIPAA + SOC-2 Type 1

HIPAA + SOC-2 – An independent third-party audit firm has examined the description of the Systems and Production Support and the related General Information Technology Controls for the services provided to customers by Research Transcriptions and its vendors and contractors.

This audit was based on the Security, Privacy, and breach requirements outlined in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (“HIPAA”) Administrative Simplification. The responsibility of Research Transcriptions is limited to the extent it acts as a Business Associate.

Research Transcriptions

SOC-2 Type II

Research Transcriptions partners with vendors who are SOC-2 Type II certified. SOC 2 evaluates the design and operating effectiveness of controls that meet the AICPA’s Trust Services Principles criteria.

Research Transcriptions

All Research Transcriptions transcribers and other personnel who work on NIH-funded human subjects research complete the Human Research Protection Training offered by the HHS Office for Human Research Protections (OHRP).

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CITI - Protecting Human Subject Research (HSR)

Research Transcriptions’ transcribers receive continuous training on Protecting Human Subject Research (HSR) participants. This material is based on material from CITI and the National Institutes of Health. Training areas include:

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Research Transcriptions’ transcribers receive continuous training on GDPR.  Training areas include:

Research Transcriptions