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*Discounts for military, first responders and academia.

The professional transcription company for important research

If you conduct confidential interviews and data accuracy is important to you…

then without proper vetting of the audio transcription company you choose, it could cost you more than a few extra dollars.


Introducing Research Transcriptions

Formerly Same Day Transcriptions… New name. More options. Same great service.

A Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business that provides 100% USA-based English transcription and translation of 37 additional languages from around the globe.

When you choose Research Transcriptions, you’re choosing a professional transcription service that will help you avoid the most common risks that come from using a global freelance work-pool website.

We will protect you from:

Get reliable results and keep your research safe

100% USA-based professional transcription for English research

Keep your data where you know it’s safe and give it the level of expertise it deserves with a dedicated team of vetted and insured Certified Research Transcriptionists (CRTs) in the United States. Audio transcription for interviews is our speciality. And American English (AmE) is our primary language. 

HIPAA compliant, CITI certified, and medically intelligent

Protect patient privacy and avoid costly errors with HIPAA compliant, CITI certified medical research transcription specialists.


Get the kind of confidentiality your data security officer wants. Ask about our SOC 2 compliant option and plug in to our seamless Box integration.

Fields of Specialty

Academic research

Make an impact with your academic research and keep it safe with a professional transcription company that will assign a dedicated team to your important work. 

We are CITI certified and have been vetted by over 88 college and university IRBs, so you can have confidence knowing that your research is getting the kind of attention it deserves. 

verbatim transcription for academic research

Marketing insights

Make reliable conclusions from your customer experience (CX) interview transcriptions. Work with the confidence of quality guarantees that come from the top. Make an impact with accurate insights.

Transcription Services For Qualitative Research

Medical research

Get results you can count on and watch patient outcomes soar with a dedicated 100% USA-based medical research transcription team. Areas of expertise include: 

  • pharmaceuticals
  • biotech
  • medical equipment
  • human subjects
  • social and public health
Interview Transcription Service

United States military / government

By military for military. Get the kind of dedication to your US veteran research that runs deeper than business interests. Hire a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business and enjoy the lowest rates we have as our way of saying “thanks for doing what you do.”

Certified Research Transcription

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“Quality is never an accident.
It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction,
and skillful execution.”

- William A. Foster

Top Quality Transcription

Give your research the attention it deserves. And make a difference.

When it comes to selecting a professional transcription company for qualitative research interviews, quality is where the rubber meets the road.

accurate transcription service

For a lot of transcription projects...

90% accuracy is good enough. Jobs like closed captioning, podcasts, and personal note-taking. General transcription companies handle high volumes of this work – with a lot of it being performed in crowd-shared work spaces around the world through web-based work-pools. And the rates are cheap.

But for qualitative research...

where the goal is to maximize the reliability of insights collected, choosing a general transcription company is like hiring a handyman to install a gas line in your home. 

That’s why...

at Research Transcriptions, we view transcription quality through the lens of a qualitative researcher. And we define it in a way that matters; by your satisfaction. 

See how we’re different.

How we achieve Top Quality Transcription (TQT)

We achieve TQT through a 3-stage process that defines quality by combining accuracy, consistency and completeness.

Online Transcription Job

Accurate transcription...

is the correct documentation of the spoken word, including proper spelling and punctuation. It requires a trained understanding of the subject matter and an inherent familiarity with the local language spoken in the interviews, including expressions, idioms, proper pronouns and slang. 

Online Transcription Job

Consistent transcription...

is achieved by maintaining established standards across all of the work in a project, making your coding and analysis predictable, efficient and reliable.

Unlike general transcription services, Research Transcriptions will assign a dedicated team of transcribers who will follow your prescribed specifications on an ongoing basis across all of your work.


Complete transcription...

has the goal of zero inaudible (indecipherable) notations – “gaps.” Our transcribers are trained to work through the common variables of speaking rate, rhythm, intonation, inflection, accents, lexical stress, background noises, over-amplification, muffling of voices and more. 

Industry specialization brings the skill and intelligence to be able to decipher difficult passages through the context of the interview. The kind of skill and experience artificial intelligence can not match.


Top Quality Transcription

Getting Top Quality Transcription for qualitative research that is performed in the USA requires a transcription company that operates in the USA. 

Our transcriptionists’ primary American English (AmE) language skills and specialized subject matter experience bring you the most accurate, consistent and complete research transcription possible.

Top Quality Transcription Tqt
“A computer can calculate a zillion options... but a human can provide an overall sense of direction and a conceptual frame."

David Brooks, “What Machines Can’t Do”

David Brooks,
“What Machines Can’t Do”

No false promises of speech recognition.

We offer human transcription service. Exclusively.

At Research Transcriptions, we don’t use speech recognition programs. And we don’t use global freelance work-pools.

To be the best audio transcription company for qualitative research, we have to aim higher than 90% accuracy. That’s why for our transcription work, it’s all ears and fingers. Call us old fashioned, but for the kind of clients that we serve,  humans beat the machine (still).

Learn about Research Transcriptions’ US-only hiring process and our 9-point Certified Research Transcriptionist (CRT) qualifications.

Work with languages other than English is performed in the country native to the language. As a result of the lack of direct supervision, ResearchTranscriptions.com is not able to guarantee confidentiality for this work.

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