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When you partner with Research Transcriptions, your work will be handled by an expert team of human transcription professionals. Native English speakers. In the United States (for English transcription*). 

Get the precision of word-for-word, verbatim transcription, or we’ll clean it up for readability if you like.

Done to your satisfaction. Guaranteed.**

You will avoid wasting time correcting secondary English skills.
And you will avoid costly mistakes.

* We offer language transcription and translation service in 37 languages in addition to English. This work is performed by humans in a country native to the language spoken.

** Our Top Quality Transcription™ Guarantee provides free reproofs on clear audio to your satisfaction. See below for details.

“Quality is never an accident.
It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction,
and skillful execution.”

- William A. Foster

No unproven AI.
No global freelancers.
No compromises.

Just human transcription.
Only in the USA. Period.

The data¹ shows that, when it comes to audio transcription accuracy, human intelligence beats artificial intelligence (still).

That’s why, at Research Transcriptions, we don’t use automated transcription programs (such as voice recognition). And we don’t use global freelance work-pools either.

To be the best transcription service for qualitative research, we have to aim higher than 86% accuracy. That’s why 100% of our work is performed by human transcription specialists.

For professional transcription and translation service in languages other than English, we perform the work in the country native to the language.

¹See studies on the accuracy of automated speech recognition programs herehere, and here.

Learn about Research Transcriptions’ US-only hiring process and our 9-point Certified Research Transcriptionist (CRT) qualifications.

Don't take chances.

Give your work the attention it deserves.

And get the guarantees you deserve.

accurate transcription service

What some of our clients say about us

Top Quality Transcription™ (TQT)

What is it? How is your work guaranteed?

TQT is achieved through a 3-stage human transcription process that defines quality by transcription accuracy, consistency, and completeness.

accurate transcription service

Accurate transcription...

is the correct documentation of speech to text, including proper spelling and punctuation.

It requires expert knowledge of the subject matter and an inherent understanding of the local language spoken in the interviews. This includes expressions, idioms, proper pronouns, and slang. 

Online Transcription Job

Consistent transcription...

is achieved by maintaining established standards across all work in a project. This makes your proofing faster and your coding and analysis more efficient and reliable.

Unlike global transcription work pools, Research Transcriptions will assign a dedicated team of USA-based, expert transcribers to your work. They will follow your prescribed specifications on an ongoing basis.


Complete transcription...

has the goal of zero inaudible notations – “gaps,” as they are sometimes called. 

Our professional transcribers are trained on the requirements of verbatim transcription service. They can handle a variety of speaking nuances such as fluctuations in rate, rhythm, intonation, inflection, accents, lexical stress, and background noise. 

Industry specialization brings the skill and intelligence that comes from experience. And the ability to understand and decipher difficult passages through the context of the interview. 

Artificial intelligence does not possess these skills.


When it comes to quality, we don’t promote arbitrary numbers that offer empty promises (no transcription company regularly measures accuracy percentages).

Instead, we define our guarantees in ways you will understand:

1. Your English language transcription will be performed by human transcription experts in the USA (and it will never leave the country).*

2. We will not take shortcuts by using inaccurate automated transcription programs such as voice recognition and speech recognition.

3. Your work will be assigned to a dedicated team of specialists who most closely match your field of work (such as healthcare sciences, marketing research, public/social health, technology, nursing, academia, etc.).

4. We will precisely follow the instructions you type in when you upload files on our system. If you see that we missed something in your transcription, let us know without delay and we will make the necessary adjustments immediately.

5. We guarantee your 100% delight with our work on your clear audio. If you feel like we should have done better, let us know and your work will be reproofed immediately (at no additional charge, of course).~

* We also provide translation and transcription services in over 38 languages in addition to English. This work is performed in a country native to the language spoken in the audio provided.

~Clear audio means recordings without cross-talk and significant background noise.


top quality transcription guarantee

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