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Research Transcriptions does not use client data for any purpose other than to transcribe the material requested by our clients. We do not use client data for training purposes – be it for personnel, artificial intelligence (AI) software or any other purpose. 

Verbatim transcription service for academic research

Whether you’re a doctoral student looking for dissertation transcription service or a principal investigator applying for grants, you need a partner who’s experienced in verbatim transcription. A partner who understands qualitative research.

That’s why, unlike general transcription services that use a loose network of freelancers in crowd-shared co-working offices around the world, Research Transcriptions is 100% USA-based.

Your work will be performed by a dedicated team of Certified Research Transcriptionists (CRTs) who are CITI and NIH trained in protecting human subject research participants. And HIPAA compliance too

We are committed to supporting academic research. To supporting those who conduct it and to keeping it safe.

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Why Choose Us

Expertise in verbatim transcription service for academic research

When you hire Research Transcriptions, you’re hiring twenty years of experience in academic research transcription. 

You’re choosing an academic research transcription service that understands why fast turnaround is important to support grounded theoryWho knows the difference between a structured and an unstructured interview. 

You’re choosing to avoid sloppy mistakes that result from secondary English skills in global freelance networks. The kind of mistakes that skew results. 

You’re choosing to protect your data’s confidentiality with the only 100% US-based, independently audited and certified confidential transcription company. 

When you hire Research Transcriptions, you avoid The 5 Costly Mistakes That (most) Qualitative Researchers Make. 

 You get a partner you can trust.

transcription experience
transcription experience

Spend less time proofing. More time analyzing. Make confident conclusions.

Perform your analysis with the confidence of knowing that 100% of your English research interviews have been transcribed in American English (AmE) by Certified Research Transcriptionists (CRTs) in the United States.

This means American idioms, slang, expressions and proper pronouns that provide important insights will not be skipped over.

Research Transcriptions

Enjoy the convenience of having all your academic transcription and translation handled by one provider. At Research Transcriptions, we transcribe and translate over 37 languages, including Spanish, Chinese, French, German, Korean, Japanese and more.

*Note: All English transcription work is performed in the United States. Transcription and translation service in other languages is performed in the country native to the language. 

Research Transcriptions

Protect patient privacy with HIPAA compliant interview transcription.

Keep your patients’ privacy safe. And get the legal documentation you need to support it.

At Research Transcriptions, all technology and labor practices are governed by HIPAA policies and procedures. And both audio and transcription data is purged at 30 days – or as you direct.

Research Transcriptions

Gain IRB approval with a team of CITI/NIH certified academic research transcription specialists.

Position your IRB packet for success with a transcription confidentiality package that includes:

  • A HIPAA Business Associate Agreement (BAA)
  • Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA)
  • Certification in Protecting Human Subject Research Participants
  • … any other documentation you need

On top of all that, Research Transcriptions is fully insured to protect your data.

Research Transcriptions

Stay protected. Meet your Data Security Officer’s requirements.

With Research Transcriptions, since your research will never be in the hands of anyone outside the United States, it is protected by US law from start to finish.

Tell your data security team that we offer a SOC 2 compliant transcription service option, where you can have the convenience and security of working within your own Box™ account.

Put your security office in touch with us and we’ll answer any questions they have to make sure all procedures are properly followed so your transcription maintains compliance – both HIPAA and IRB – the whole way through.

Research Transcriptions

Know the company you’re hiring.

When it comes to finding an academic research transcription service, it can be hard to know the difference between one company and another – other than by the low prices that some transcription websites advertise.

It takes careful due diligence. Those super-low prices that you see advertised on some transcription websites can turn in to costly decisions. 

How much can you find out from a transcription website? 

Usually not enough. That’s why at Research Transcriptions, we believe in transparency. On our About us page, you will find complete details about our company and ownership. 

And we’ll tell you anything else you want to know too.

Research Transcriptions

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Research Transcriptions

Research Transcriptions

100% US-based transcribers

Research Transcriptions

HIPAA compliant

Research Transcriptions

IRB approved by over 88 universities

Research Transcriptions

Fully bonded and insured

Research Transcriptions

Dedicated team & engagement manager

Research Transcriptions

SOC 2 compliant option available

Research Transcriptions

Satisfaction guaranteed

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