Disclaimers, definitions and more

Global freelance transcription work-pool

A transcription website that hires transcriptionists from all around the world. The easiest way to identify these companies is by visiting the “Careers” or “Jobs” page of the website, where you may scan to find a menu that asks for the applicant’s country. Some of the websites make this information difficult to find.

100% US-based transcribers

Refers to work with English audio.

All English transcription work by Research Transcriptions is performed in the United States. 

Non-English transcription and translation

Transcription and translation service in languages other than English is performed in the country native to the language. Due to the lack of jurisdiction by US law over workers in other countries, Research Transcriptions is not able to guarantee confidentiality for this work.

Triple Proof Accuracy Guarantee

Research Transcription guarantees client satisfaction of transcription accuracy with clear audio. We will reproof work free of charge at client request. Audio provided must be clear, with minimal background noise and cross-talk.