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Join thousands of marketing professionals who count on Research Transcriptions to help them make an impact.

Focus on quality.
Gain valuable insights.

In today’s business environment, where every marketing dollar must be measured and accounted for, getting reliable results from your research interviews is critical. 

And when it comes to finding the best transcription service to help you make the kind of impact your marketing plan is looking for, you have two options: 

  1. A general transcription company; or…
  2. Research Transcriptions
Research Transcriptions

Get reliable interview transcription service.
Make an impact.

People who make an impact aim for the best in everything they do. They don’t cut corners.

That’s why, at Research Transcriptions, our focus is on Top Quality Transcription (TQT).

We’re not interested in cutting costs with artificial intelligence, such as speech recognition, that brings 90% accuracy (at best). 

And we don’t hire inadequately-skilled freelance transcription workers in lower wage economies around the globe in order to win business through below-market prices.

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The best interview transcription service to gain valuable marketing insights.

  • 100% US owned and operated (a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business).
  • No global freelance transcription work-pools.
  • 100% US-based American-English (AmE) speaking transcribers.
  • You get a dedicated team of Certified Research Transcriptionists (CRTs) who are vetted and insured.
  • You get a dedicated account manager in the US – who is available by phone or email.
  • Data is protected by US law from start to finish – because it will never leave the US.
  • Specialization in the fields of strategic marketing, medical research, academia, technology, US veteran-related concerns and more.
  • A secure transcription and translation company that translates and transcribes over 37 languages (work performed in the language’s country of origin).
  • See more about How we compare.

Have an important project that requires top-level attention?
*Send a message to the company founder & CEO, Rob Foley

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How we can help you:

1-on-1 interviews

Getting the best transcription service for your marketing research interviews means getting Top Quality Transcription (TQT). And it starts with our first conversation. We’ll cover recording options, anonymization, time stamps, edit style and more. When it comes to getting reliable results and making an impact, the difference is in the details.

Research Transcriptions

Focus groups & panel discussions

Gaining useful insights from a focus group is hard work. There are so many considerations… participant labeling; recording (including online options); de-identification. And of course, dealing with cross-talk. When you talk with us, we’ll help you navigate it all, so you get the reliable results you need.

Research Transcriptions

Professional consultations & meetings

When you’re paying for expert advice, every word is valuable. That’s why with Research Transcriptions, you will get the right team of interview transcription specialists with the right expertise working for you. Human intelligence that understands human expression. 

Research Transcriptions

A top quality transcription and translation company for over 37 global languages*

Enjoy the convenience of having your foreign language transcription and translation service handled by one provider. At Research Transcriptions, we transcribe and translate over 37 languages, including Spanish, Chinese, French, German, Korean, Japanese and more.

*Note: All English transcription work is performed in the United States. Transcription and translation service in other languages is performed in the country native to the language. Due to the lack of jurisdiction by US law over workers in other countries, Research Transcriptions is not able to guarantee confidentiality work outside of the United States.

Research Transcriptions

How to get started in three simple, yet important steps

Request a quote

Don't leave things to chance of misunderstanding through a web form. In a 10-minute phone call we will cover important details that could save you hours - even days - of extra work.

It's the due diligence that your work deserves.

  • Discuss important details with a friendly expert in the US
  • Ask anything you want
  • Get straight answers - and an honest quote
  • We will not waste your time
We will make sure you get your transcriptions precisely how and when you want them.

Upload audio files

Send your files to us with any specific instructions you need.
  • Easy
  • No software to install
  • Just a few clicks

Get transcription you trust

Through the quick conversation we had about your work, we will understand what you are looking for. And you gain confidence in the work you get back - rather than hoping.

We work to your 100% approval:

Know the transcription company you’re hiring

When it comes to hiring the best transcription company for marketing research interviews, it can be hard to know the difference between one company and another – other than by the prices some transcription websites advertise.

Those super-low prices that you see advertised on transcription websites can turn in to costly decisions if you don’t know how they operate. 

That’s why at Research Transcriptions, we believe in transparency. On our About us page, you will find complete details about our company and ownership. And we’ll tell you anything else you want to know too. 

Research Transcriptions

Take a deeper look at
Research Transcriptions

Research Transcriptions

100% US-based transcribers

Research Transcriptions

HIPAA compliant

Research Transcriptions

IRB approved by over 88 universities

Research Transcriptions

Fully bonded and insured

Research Transcriptions

Dedicated team & engagement manager

Research Transcriptions

SOC 2 compliant option available

Research Transcriptions

Satisfaction guaranteed

Get to know us

See what we are About, How we work, How we hire, and How we compare. Meet Research Transcriptions founder and CEO, Rob Foley.

Research Transcriptions

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