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Tamar LouisTamar Louis
17:11 30 Jan 15
The staff is great!!!!! I got my document as promised Kay thanks for your patience and Rob thanks for answering my questions God Bless!
John MagJohn Mag
15:46 15 Aug 23
Reliable, always on time and accurate. Absolutely the best out there!
Ciro GhiraldiCiro Ghiraldi
15:28 15 Aug 23
From start to finish, the experience was nothing short of exceptional. The team at Research transcriptions demonstrates an unwavering commitment to accuracy, commitment and professionalism. They truly understand the importance of delivering high quality transcriptions. Without a doubt this service deserves a solid 5-star rating.
Henry KaulaityHenry Kaulaity
15:43 08 Aug 23
Research Transcriptions is an excellent service and really appreciate the quick turnaround! They have really help me and other colleagues achieve our documentation goals. I highly recommend for those seeking transcriptions.
Meredith VetoMeredith Veto
16:59 22 Jul 23
Thanks for being a great transcription partner!
Tamara ChaseTamara Chase
14:07 20 Jul 23
Research Transcriptions is reliable, fast and responsive. I have used the service for years and it is consistently excellent.
b herb her
14:05 20 Jul 23
Research transcription is a great company, they are quick and always get me my transcripts back in a timely manner.
Robert CornetRobert Cornet
13:20 14 Jul 23
I've used Research Transcriptions and its predecessor company for years. They always meet my deadlines (which are sometimes ridiculous) and deliver an extraordinarily accurate transcription, even when they have to make their way through several voices. The rare times over the years that I've found small problems with a transcription, Kay Darrow fixes it immediately, gets to the root of it, and makes sures sure it doesn't happen again. I've tried several transcription services in the 26 years that I've been in business. They are the best.
Patricia SoderlundPatricia Soderlund
17:09 29 Jun 23
I needed to transcribe some audio files from my practice, and found Research Transcriptions. I received immediate assistance with my questions, and my transcripts were sent back the same day.
Nell CooganNell Coogan
16:17 28 Jun 23
Research Transcriptions is a great service. It is easy to use. The staff is helpful and, most importantly, it is a quick turnaround. I’ve been using this service for years.